Jam'rah Products

World Leaders in Indoor and Outdoor Fires

Here at Jam’rah, we have developed a variety of products that are all specifically engineered to make lighting your firepit, BBQ, shisha pipe or bakhoor easier than ever! The comprehensive Jam’rah range consists of high performance, premium products that take the hassle out of every fire lighting occasion, leaving you more time to enjoy the end result.

100% Natural Hardwood Briquettes
Independent testing confirms that Jam'rah Briquettes reach optimum cooking temperature quicker and stay hotter for longer than competitors.

Jam'rah Briquettes mean a shorter wait to start barbecuing, a high enough temperature to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly and plenty of time to cook large quantities of food.
100% Natural Lumpwood Charcoal

Independent testing confirms that Jam’rah Charcoal reaches optimum cooking temperatures more quickly and stays hotter for longer than its competitors.

Jam’rah Charcoal is 100% natural with a blend of different hardwoods that will complement and enhance the natural flavour of your food. This new 5kg offering is perfect for catering to large quantities of people.

NEW 100% Natural Individual Firelighter Cubes

The Jam’rah 100% Natural Individual Firelighters are perfect for use on your BBQ as they are odourless and, like the rest of the Jam’rah range, will not taint your food.

These individual cubes are formulated using only 100% natural wood and waxes which means as well as being powerful enough to start any charcoal fire, they are also eco-friendly.

Instant BBQ Grill

The Jam’rah Instant BBQ Grill is easy and convenient, ideal for a last minute, no fuss BBQ wherever you are.

Instant lighting with premium lumpwood charcoal for an authentic flame grilled flavour.

High Performance Liquid Firelighter
The Jam'rah High Performance Liquid Firelighter burns for longer and has a higher flashpoint making it safer than alternative alcohol-based liquids.
Odourless Charcoal Firelighters
Jam’rah firelighters are more powerful than other firelighters.

The Odourless Charcoal Firelighters light easily first time, every time and burn longer, using fewer cubes and meaning better value.
Individual High Performance Firelighters
These Jam’rah High Performance Firelighters are packaged in a convenient pop out tray, making lighting your fire even cleaner and easier.
Charcoal Tablets for Shisha & Incense Burners
Jam’rah Charcoal Tablets are instant-lighting and long burning. They can be used as a heat source for shisha pipes and can also be used to burn incense.

In order to maintain freshness, opened rolls should be resealed and stored in a cool dry place. Effective storage will ensure continued quick ignition and a long burning time.
High Performance Wrapped Firelighters

The Jam’rah High Performance Wrapped Firelighters are formulated to light even the most difficult fuels for outdoor and indoor fires.

These wrapped firelighters are fast, clean, odourless and reliable, simply light the wrapper.